Dear Members and Friends of the Oskar Halecki Institute in Canada,

Dear Members of the Polish-Canadian communities,

We deeply shared concerns about the situation in Ukraine and in Belarus and the whole region including Poland and all Baltic States, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Balkan States.

The threat of the Russian invasion is very real. We support the independence of Ukraine and the integrity of Her territory.

We will share all information provided by the Canadian Ukrainian Congress and place it on our websites as soon as possible.

The rally in support of Ukraine will take place on Sunday, February 6, 2022, at 2 PM in front of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, 285 Charlotte Street in Ottawa.

Please take statements that we support the independence of Ukraine (we were advised that they like to have Ukrainian flags only).

We are with you, and we hope that other Canadians will support this statement.

More information will follow.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Alexander M. Jablonski


Oskar Halecki Institute in Canada


Dear Friends in the Central and Eastern European communities,

As you are no doubt aware, Ukraine is under existential threat. The possibility that Putin’s Russia will invade soon is very real. The Ukrainian-Canadian community under the guidance of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress kindly asks the diasporas of Ukraine’s freedom-loving neighbours for support. What we think we can do is let our government officials at all levels know that we take this threat seriously, and that they should too. In final analysis, it’s not just Ukraine that stands to lose something here, but the West as a whole.

The call to action is outlined below by Borys Gengalo, the president of the UCC Ottawa branch. Please do help by sharing this widely with your communities and following through as often as possible.

Thank you,
Nykolai Bilaniuk

Statement from Borys Gengalo

President Ukrainian-Canadian Congress

Ottawa Branch


With the imminent threat of Russian invasion, UCC National and the Ukrainian World Congress have launched a campaign to boost Ukrainian morale with a show of international support.  PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND PUBLICIZE WIDELY.  Yes, I know I’m yelling.  But it is that important.

Links in the page below give all the straightforward details.  In case the links are not active, they are:

Don’t forget to write to your MPPs, city councillors and non- Ukrainian friends. 

Find MPPs at:

Find Ottawa City Councilor at:


This is a positive action which does not attack anyone, so a wide cross-section of the Canadian public will be willing to support. Please pass on to your non-Ukrainian friends and associates.

Borys Gengalo


Ottawa Ukrainian Canadian Congress



An online briefing will be held in English by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba on Wednesday, February 2, 0900 ET via a live broadcast from the British Embassy in Washington D.C on the Ukraine’s MFA YouTube channel.