Andrew Kavchak of Ottawa (Member of OHI) made two webinar presentations that should be of interest to students of Polish history.
Both webinars were hosted by the Washington DC-based Institute of World Politics and are now available at

The first presentation was made on November 3, 2020, on the topic of Andrew Kavchak’s recent book
„The Katyn Forest Massacre: An Annotated Bibliography of Books in English”.
In the presentation Kavchak provides an overview history of the Katyn Massacre, followed by a discussion of the leading and authoritative books that have been published since WWII.

The second presentation was made on November 6, 2020, and it consisted of a discussion by Andrew Kavchak of the English translation of his grandfather Stanislaw Kawczak’s 1936 book „Milknące Echa: Wspomnienia z Wojny 1914-1920” which was published in English in 2019 as „Dying Echoes: Memoirs of the War 1914-1920”.
The presentation provided an overview of and some of the highlights from the book relating to the Battle of Galicia (1914-1915), the fighting on the Italian Front (1915-1917), and the Polish-Bolshevik War (1919-1920).

Both books are available as ebooks and paperbacks on amazon.

We recommend them very strongly,

Dr. Alexander M. Jablonski
Oskar Halecki Institute in Canada