New edition of the book on Guzenko Affairs

by  Mrc. Andrew Kavchak, Member of our Institute

To Members and Friends of the Oskar Halecki Institute,




I am writing to inform you that a revised and expanded second edition of my book “Remembering Gouzenko: The Struggle to Honour a Cold War Hero” is now available on amazon.


Back in 2004 I had a text published by the Mackenzie Institute in Toronto called “Remembering Gouzenko: The Struggle to Honour a Cold War Hero”.  It was printed in a small number of copies and was distributed to Institute members and libraries.


However, following some interest this year and a few public speaking events that I had regarding Gouzenko, I decided to revise, update and expand the text. I also received a new contribution from the eldest daughter of Igor and Svetlana Gouzenko which was inserted in this second edition.

It is available free on “Kindle Unlimited” and available in both ebook and paperback formats.

Please feel free to post and distribute this link and news to those who might be interested. I hope that some people who attended my lecture at the War Museum will eventually post reviews of the book on the amazon page.


Thank you!




Andrew Kavchak