About us

The Oskar Halecki Institute in Canada (OHI) is a federal, not-for-profit corporation, comprised largely of Polish Canadians (Polonia) residing the National Capital Region and other locations across Canada. OHI’s mission is to promote Polish-Canadian heritage and the history and culture of Poland.

The OHI’s activities include organizing public meetings, lectures and cultural events such as concerts, poetry readings and film screenings in Polish, English and French. To appreciate the shared aspects of our cultural heritage OHI also cooperates with other community organizations representing Canadians of the Central and Eastern European origin.

OHI is committed to popularize the works and ideas of our patron, Professor Oskar Halecki, world renowned Polish historian, Byzantinist, heraldist and diplomat.

Established in 2014, OHI plays an active role among the Polish Canadian intellectual circles that have been engaged in their community development since 1960s.

We are open to cooperation with those organizations and individuals, who are interested in our activities and would like to advance OHI mission. We cordially invite everyone to our meetings and lectures.

We would like to hear from you and appreciate your support.

Dr. Aleksander Maciej Jablonski, P. Eng.
President OHI

tel: (613) 820-1616
E-mail: alexstarza@gmail.com